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At Forest City Mechanical we believe that there is much more to your comfort than just comfortable temperatures. In order to be truly comfortable in your home, you must also enjoy the cleanest, purest air possible. If you’re dissatisfied with the quality of the air in your home.  Our London Ontario indoor air quality specialists have the skill and training necessary to ensure that you have access to the high–quality air that you deserve to breathe in your home.

The indoor air quality experts at Forest City Mechanical offer quality repair, installation and other heating and cooling services throughout London Ontario and surrounding areas.

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There are a lot of different issues that you may experience with the indoor air quality in your home, and different problems require different solutions. One major issue that many homeowners struggle with, is the presence of airborne pollutants in their home. Your proximity to major roadways or wooded areas, as well as the presence of pets can all play a role in introducing pollutants into the air that you breathe.

Humidity issues are another common problem many homeowners share. If the air in your home is excessively dry or damp, there is a good chance that your indoor air quality, as well as your comfort, will suffer. Very humid conditions promote the growth of biological pollutants, such as mold, viruses, and bacteria. Whatever circumstances have led to poor indoor air quality in your home, the indoor air quality technicians at Forest City Mechanical can help.

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There are a lot of different problems that you as a homeowner may suffer from when it comes to the quality of the air in your home. In most cases, it is necessary to take a multifaceted approach to improving indoor air quality. If airborne pollutants are a real problem for you, the installation of a good air filter or air purifier may be necessary.


Our indoor air quality professionals also offer whole–house humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help you balance humidity levels in your home. UV germicidal lights can help to destroy biological pollutants thriving, and we also offer comprehensive duct sealing and repair services to keep pollutants out of your forced air distribution system.

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